AmBucks earn douple the points for September 2017

Double Fuel Points for September 2017

Double Fuel Points! You can earn double fuel points when you swipe your AmBest Card. We have two AmBest locations: our Wayne Haven location at 6925 E US 930 and our Goshen Road location...

Ambest Fuelstop Card

AMBEST Rewards You For Doing What You Already Do

AMBEST Rewards At McIntosh Energy, we have always worked hard to ensure that every visit to a Macfood Mart Convenience Store or any of our fueling stations is as rewarding as...

Ambest Fuelstop Card

The AMBEST Card Rewards Program at McIntosh Energy

McIntosh Energy Launches AmBest to Reward Truckers Every Time They Fuel We didn’t just one day decide to partner with AmBest. It was a process. We were driving toward a specific...