Can Fleet Controls Benefit Your Fleet?

How Fleet Controls Can Put You in the Driver’s Seat

Why Fleet Controls? As a business owner or fleet manager, you cannot possibly be everywhere at once. That’s why you have a great team. Unfortunately, a great team is not...

AmBucks earn douple the points for September 2017

Double Fuel Points for September 2017

Double Fuel Points! You can earn double fuel points when you swipe your AmBest Card. We have two AmBest locations: our Wayne Haven location at 6925 E US 930 and our Goshen Road location...

Pacific Pride North Then & Now

Pacific Pride North Then & Now

Pacific Pride North Then & Now Check out our Pacific Pride location then and now. More than just a new paint job, Pacific Pride North has evolved and now offers...

Pacific Pride Advantage Fleet Card helping you manage fuel costs.

Helping Your Fleet Manage Fuel Costs

Looking to Better Manage Fuel Costs Are you wanting a better way to manage fuel costs for your fleet? We understand. Your fleet is a big investment – an achievement...

Wallet With Credit Cards

3 Fleet Card Advantages

Sometimes companies/fleet managers will purchase a Fuel Card thinking that is enough, but usually it isn’t. In most cases, a Fleet Card is much more desirable. Your typical gas or fuel...

Call And Schedule Your Fuel Deliveries

Fuel Delivery Benefits Fleets

You've had pizza delivered to you... right? Have you ever considered fuel delivery? We think you should. Give us a call today.

Pacific Pride Advantage Fleet Card helping you manage fuel costs.

Pacific Pride Advantage | Fleet Data Advantage

Here at McIntosh Energy we believe Fleet Data is of utmost importance. Numbers are objective and for many of us fleet data is the measuring stick by which fleet owners and fleet...

Your Business's Largest Expense is Worth Protecting

Fleet Card | Protecting Your Investment

See Video To Learn More Protecting Your Investment | Fleet Sense Fuel is the single largest expense for commercial vehicle fleets. A typical 100 vehicle fleet can easily spend $30,000...

Let Pacific Pride help drive your business.

Using Pacific Pride to Drive Your Business

Pacific Pride is more than just a fuel card. It’s a fleet card complete with features to help you run your business. It would be great if we could just set...

Truck Friendly

5 Ways We Really are Truck Friendly

Here at McIntosh Energy we make the extra effort to be as truck friendly as possible. As an Independent Franchisee of Pacific Pride, we have the opportunity to welcome with a...